Cricket Lane Equestrian

Dunnville, Ontario, CANADA


Situated on 43 acres, Cricket Lane Equestrian offers some unique facilities.
The back 23 acres is private conservation land, with some beautiful riding and walking trails.
The front acreage is taken up with barns and paddocks, a hay field and the farm house.


As a converted chicken farm, the barns are huge, allowing for sufficient tack storage for boarders (a real pet peeve of Jordan's - not enough space for all his "stuff"...)
Each boarder will have a 4x11 ft tack area, a 6x11 ft standing stall (for grooming and tacking up) and a 10x13 ft box stall.


The outdoor joust list (unimproved grass) is 40 ft x 200 ft.
The outdoor sand arena is 60 ft x 150 ft.


Although the picture doesn't show it yet, the new 40' x 175' indoor arena is now complete.
A five to six inch layer of "Haldimand clay" is now covered by two to three inches of "zoological sand".
And the flags of every country we've ridden in hang along the walls.


In summer, the draft-cross herd is pasture-boarded during the day, and brought into a small outdoor paddock each night. In winter, they are in an outdoor paddock that is sheltered on three sides. In both seasons, the horses have access to a 13'x48' indoor run-in at all times.
The quarterhorse herd is in a paddock during the day and stalls at night. While in the paddock, they have access to their own indoor run-in at all times.
Horses are fed seasonally on grass (on site) and local certified organic bluegrass hay. A supplemental feed regime has been created to ensure the nutritional health of all horses year 'round.
There is a double fence between the horses and the rest of the world. The inner (paddock) fence is Electrobraid(TM) and the outer (perimeter) fence is Bayco Finish Line.
Scott Reed is the farrier for Cricket Lane, though other farriers are welcome, of course.

The obligatory barn cat...