Cricket Lane Equestrian

Dunnville, Ontario, CANADA

A few random shots around the farm...

June 2008

The backyard...
The backyard, looking from the deck towards the horse barn...

The firepit...
The backyard firepit, the strange eerie glow of people who live in the country trying to get "back to nature"...

Steph and Lisa
Stephanie on Gloucestre, Lisa (visiting from the USA) on Spike

Steph, Stirling and Max
Stephanie with Stirling and Max

Steph and Max
Stephanie with Max
(BTW, Janna thinks that Max is named for Mel Gibson in "Mad Max". Really, Max is named after the little dog in "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas". Max is a nervous beast, who really really tries to do what is right. The problem is, his Masters are Evil.)

Honour's Nose
(well... Honour's nose)

Honour, at the barn's Takeout Window

Honour's Nose
(well... Max's nose)
So, what's this thing they all have about poking there noses in windows? Don't they know that monsters could bite the ends off?

Jordan, and the other use for large open spaces

Three things:

May 2008
Jousting demo at the Farm "grand opening"...

Jordan on Shotgun Jordan,
riding Shotgun, Janie's horse
armoured up on Shotgun
Jordan on Shotgun
Chris on Honour Chris,
armoured up on Honour
Jordan on Shotgun,
jousting Chris on Honour
Jordan versus Chris
Jordan versus Graham Jordan on Shotgun,
jousting Graham (visiting from New Zealand, or was it Sweden?) on Gloucestre

By the way, the background on all of the pages is a picture of Honour, shortly after she was born. Thanks to Brian Reid for the photograph...